Chura kimono


“Enjoy a new kimono experience in your own style
and fashion anytime, anywhere.” CHURA KIMONO


Casually wear a KIMONO on your own without effort.
Coordinate your KIMONO in your own fashionable way.

Wear “ChuraKimono” on
different occasions:
weekend outings, dates, parties.


Casually and easily wear kimono
on your own

The patented design retains the traditional kimono silhouette while making it easy for kimono beginners to easily wear the garment.

Enjoy coordinating and combining the KIMONO with other clothing and accessories.

No need to worry about how a kimono “should” look; rather, give it a new look by coordinating the kimono with your favorite fashion accessories.

Enjoy KIMONO more effortlessly

Kimono is said to be beautiful on “column” body shape. ChuraKimonoʼs 3dimensional cutting makes it possible for a natural, comfortable fit while retaining its style regardless of the wearerʼs nationality.
You don’t need any kimono dressing knowledge or skills such as collar arrangement or hem alignment; just wear ChuraKimono, a new easy to wear, free-style kimono and you’ll be set.
Style retention
The Velcro attachable decorative collar, zipper adjustable length, and button adjustable waist allows for an adjustable and comfortable fit for enjoying meals and easy fixes during breaks
The fabric is machine washable, won’t shrink and won’t fade (when hung to dry in the shade), and can be ironed. No special care is required.

Enjoy kimono on various occasions

“Can’t stop the excitement”